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Full Veneer Flagstone

Point de Gaze, Full Veneer, Builder Builder Stone, Natural Face, Pinto
Moroccan Hill, Builder stone, Donna, TX
Builder Stone, Natural Face, Belgian Cocoa

Due to monitor variations, photographic, and natural stone variations, colors may not be precise.


The most natural looking of all stones, because it’s been “worked” or “processed” the least. This full veneer stone, gives a more natural and free form appearance. With no straight lines at all, this naturally shaped stone breaks the monotony of the everyday brick façade. This unprocessed pattern lends to the free spirit in all of us that desires a more natural flow.


If you’re looking to make your project “one of a kind,” then this flagging may be the stone for you. No two pieces of natural stone are exactly alike, especially two pieces that are shaped and sized by nature and minimal tooling. Over the years of being in business, all of our staff has built an appreciation and passion for the beautiful variations of natural stone. We get excited when a customer unexpectedly finds a unique fossil embedded in the rock, and decides that it will be the centerpiece of their project. Or when the finished project includes stones that were brought in from so far and wide, that it just has to be the only one like it in the world. You can expect a lot from our experienced and caring staff. Not to be sold, but to heard. We enjoy the fact that our customers will look at and use the stone that we supplied them for a very long time to come, remembering their experience with us.  Nowhere else will you find a group of people so eager to make you happy.

Some of these stones also come in a thinner, sawn/split thin stone. Be sure to check out our Thin Veneer Stone page if weight is an issue.

Due to monitor variations, photographic, and natural stone variations, colors may not be precise. Inspection of stone sample is suggested before purchase.


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This style of stone is sawn on top and bottom. Usually having varying heights of 4", 6", and 8".

The most natural look of all stones, because it literally looks like it was picked straight from the field!

Rectangular shape, this stone
is chopped with a stone
splitter on all sides.


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