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468 Builder, Sawcut, Concha Picasso
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    Saw Cut Ledgestones

Canyon Blue Moon Sterling

Due to monitor variations, photographic, and natural stone variations, colors may not be precise.


Builder stone is installed over a concrete foundation, stacked and anchored similarly to brick.This natural stone is also used for landscape and hardscape decor, such as edging, planters, flower beds, etc. Many builder stones are available with a deeper bed depth as well, for building retaining walls with or without cement.


Thickness: 3" - 5"

Most popular in 4”, 6”, & 8” heights, which are sawn top and bottom with random lengths. These dimensions fit together to produce the prominent “Random Ashlar” pattern. This specific pattern gives a clean, yet natural stone feel to the exterior façade of your home, as well as some interior applications.

Some of these stones also come in a thinner, sawn/split thin stone. Be sure to check out our Thin Veneer Stone page if weight is an issue.

Due to monitor variations, photographic, and natural stone variations, colors may not be precise. Inspection of stone sample is suggested before purchase.

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Saw Cut Stone Shape & Styles, Southern Stone, Texas

Flagstone Stone Shape & Styles, Southern Stone, Texas

Chopped Stone Shape & Styles, Southern Stone, Texas

This style of stone is sawn on top and bottom. Usually having varying heights of 4", 6", and 8".

The most natural look of all stones, because it literally looks like it was picked straight from the field!

Rectangular shape, this stone
is chopped with a stone
splitter on all sides.



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